Windows 365 Business 8 GB (with Windows Hybrid Benefit) - Annually

Windows 365 Business 8 GB (with Windows Hybrid Benefit) - Annually


NON-SPECIFIC – Windows 365 Business with Windows Hybrid Benefit is for smaller organizations that want a simple way to buy, deploy, and manage Cloud PCs, for up to 300 users on a Windows
10/11 Pro device. Windows Hybrid Benefit is a licensing benefit

that helps reduce the cost of Windows 365 Business. With
Windows Hybrid Benefit, you receive a discount of up to 16 percent
on your Windows 365 subscription if you already use Windows
10/11 Pro on a device. Savings vary by Windows 365 Cloud PC
configuration and region. With your Windows 365 Cloud PC, you
can securely stream your Windows experience – including your
personalized apps, content, and settings — from the Microsoft cloud
to any device.


Windows 365 defines a new category in computer technology. Windows 365 is a cloud computer and operating system that you can access from any device with an internet connection. The new Cloud PC category meets the expectations and requirements of hybrid working, giving you both a remote desktop and a cloud PC with exactly the hardware you need to work.

Windows 365 allows you to scale your resources. You will be able to reduce or increase the number of vCPU cores, RAM, and disk capacity as needed. Thanks to the simplicity of use, you can log in and return to the state in which you finished your work, regardless of the device on which you last used Windows 365. In addition, the system and computer service in the cloud is designed according to the Secure by desing model, that is, you receive an environment that is safe by design. Always up-to-date and heavily protected, Windows 365 simplifies security management. You launch your browser, log in and work as you like, efficiently and securely.


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