Horizontal Cable Organizer 1U w/brush strip

Horizontal Cable Organizer 1U w/brush strip


Number of Power Cords 1
Maximum Height 1.7inches (44MM, 4.4CM)
Maximum Width 19.0inches (483MM, 48.3CM)
Maximum Depth 0.6inches (15MM, 0.0CM)
Net Weight 0.51lbs. (0.23KG)
Shipping weight 0.84lbs. (0.38KG)
Shipping Height 3.9inches (99MM, 9.9CM)
Shipping Width 23.4inches (594MM, 59.4CM)
Shipping Depth 1.5inches (38MM, 3.8CM)
Color Black


  • Promotes proper airflow while allowing cables to be passed from the front to the rear of the rack.

  • Includes: Mounting hardware


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