Microsoft Accessories Seller in Nigeria

Microsoft Accessories Seller in Nigeria

Gadgetlot is a Microsoft Partner selling original Microsoft accessories with warranty; retail and wholesale in Nigeria

These include the following;

Microsoft All-in-one Media Keyboard USB Port Arabic Hdwr

Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop Black QHG-00016

Microsoft Bluetooth Mbl Mse3600 EN /AR/CS/ES/UK EMEA EFR Azul LL Cert

Microsoft Bluetooth Mbl Mse3600EN/AR/CS/NL/FR/EL/IT/PT/RU/ES/UK EMEA EFR Black LL Cert

Microsoft Bluetooth Modern Mobile Mouse – Black

Microsoft Bluetooth Modern Mobile Mouse – Blue

Microsoft Bluetooth Modern Mobile Mouse – Mint

Microsoft Bluetooth Modern Mobile Mouse – Peach

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Camo Blue

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse RJN-00010

Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse

Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop Bluetooth Arabic Hdwr

Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard

Microsoft ELG-00008 Wireless Arc Mouse New, Black

Microsoft ELG-00019 Arc Wireless Bluetooth Mouse, Lilac

Microsoft ELG-00034 Arc Wireless Bluetooth Mouse, Bubble

Microsoft ELG-00047 Arc Wireless Bluetooth Mouse, Sage

Microsoft Ergonomic Wired Mouse – Black | RJG-00010

Microsoft Keyboard&Mouse Ergonomic Desktop

Microsoft L2 Life hat LX-3000 win USB Port EMEA EFR EN/AR/CS/FR/EL/IT/PT/RU/ES/UK

Microsoft L2 LifeCam Cinema Win USB Port EMEA EFR EN /AR/CS/NL/FR/EL/IT/PT/RU/ES/UK

Microsoft L2 LifeCam HD-3000 Win USB EMEA EFR EN/AR/CS/NL/FR/EL/IT/PT/RU/ES/UK

Microsoft L5V-00018 Ergonomic Blue Track Technology Keyboard and Mouse – English/Arabic

Microsoft LifeChat LX-2000

Microsoft MS Blth Cmpt KB Arb Hdwr Glacier

Microsoft MS Bluetooth Keyboard Bluetooth Arabic Hdwr Black

Microsoft MS Bluetooth Mouse Bluetooth XZ/AR/RU Hdwr Mint

Microsoft MS Bluetooth Mouse Camo Green

Microsoft MS KB Kili Wired USB Port Arabic Hdwr

Microsoft Mini Display Port to Hdmi 2.0 Adapter

Microsoft Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter

Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse White

Microsoft P3Q-00005 Wireless Display Adapter – Certified Miracast Technology

Microsoft PL2 LifeCam Studio Win USB Port EMEA EF EN/AR/FR/EL/IT/PT/ES/TR Hdwr

Microsoft PY9-00020 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – English/Arabic 850

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop L3V-00021 English Only

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop USB Port Arabic Hdwr

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse Win7/8 Bluetooth EN/AR/CS/NL/FR/EL/IT/PT/RU/ES/UK EFR Black

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse Win7/8 EN/AR/FR/EL/IT/PT/ES/TR EMEA EF Hdwr Black

Microsoft Surface Ethernet Adapter

Microsoft Surface Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter

Microsoft USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Microsoft USB-C Travel Hub

Microsoft Windows 7 Value Pack

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2

Microsoft Wireless 4K Display Adapter

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 Eng/Arb M7J-00028

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3050, USB Wireless Mouse and Keyboard – PP3-00019 Eng/Arb

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 USB Port Arabic Hdwr

Microsoft Wireless Mobile 1850 Purple

Microsoft Wireless Mobile 1850 Red

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1850

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1850 Blue

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 900 EN/AR/CS/NL/FR/EL/IT/PT/RU/ES/UK EMEA EFR Black -LL Cert

Microsoft WrlssCmfrtDsktp 5050 Aes USB Port Arabic Hdwr CD

Xbox One Microsoft Flight Simulator

To place your order please call or chat 09030008859 or send an email to hello {at} gadgetlot {dot} com

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