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Microsoft 365 F3 -Annually

NON-SPECIFIC – Best-in-class productivity apps and services within
Microsoft 365 for Firstline Workers

Microsoft 365 F5 Security Add-on

ADDON – A complete set of threat protection solutions, leveraging
cloud signal to detect and protect against threats to your
organization, along with automated incident responses. A Microsoft
365 F1/F3 subscription is a pre-requisite for this plan.

Privacy Management – risk –

ADDON – Privacy Management — risk helps companies build a
privacy-resilient workplace by proactively identifying and protecting
against privacy risks such as data hoarding, data transfers, and
data oversharing, empowering information workers to make smart
data handling decisions

Privacy Management -subject rights request

ADDON – Helps automate and manage subject rights requests at
scale. The purchase of this SKU allows you to create 1 subject rights request (listed as an add-on license). Each subject rights
request costs 5200 and can be used anytime within one year from the date of purchase. There are two payment plans available. The
‘Pay yearly, annual commitment’ option allows you to pay the total
amount of 5200 upfront, while the ‘Pay monthly, annual
commitment’ option allows you to split the total amount in 12 equal
monthly payments of $16.67. The total amount is dependent on
the license quantity purchased. For example: purchasing 5 quantity
of this SKU will allow you to create 5 subject rights requests within
one year from the date of purchase. In this example, the total
amount will be 51,000 (5 x 5200/request). Depending on the payment plan you choose, you will be able to pay 51,000 upfront or
12 equal and monthly payments of 583.33. Learn more at: https://