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Microsoft 365 E5 Insider Risk

NON-SPECIFIC – Correlate multiple signals, from activities to
communications, to view and manage alerts on potential insider risks and remediate. Proactively monitor and address data access governance when employees leave or move between compliance boundaries.

Windows 365 Business 1 vCPU,

 NON-SPECIFIC – Windows 365 Business with Windows Hybrid vCPU, 2 GB, 64 GB (with Benefit is for smaller organizations that want a simple way to buy, Windows Hybrid Benefit) – deploy, and manage Cloud PCs, for up to 300 users on a Windows Annually 10/11 Pro device. Windows Hybrid Benefit is a licensing benefit
that helps reduce the cost of Windows 365 Business. With Windows Hybrid Benefit, you receive a discount of up to 16 percent on your Windows 365 subscription if you already use Windows 10/11 Pro on a device. Savings vary by Windows 365 Cloud PC configuration and region. With your Windows 365 Cloud PC, you can securely stream your Windows experience – including your personalized apps, content, and settings — from the Microsoft cloud
to any device.