Liebert PSA 1500VA (900W) 230V UPS

Liebert PSA 1500VA (900W) 230V UPS


The Vertiv Liebert PSA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a cost-effective, line-interactive UPS system designed for small office computers and electronic equipment. This 1500VA UPS provides three minutes of back-up time at full load, which is ample time to save work in process and shut down your connected equipment. It comes with a Liebert UPS USB shutdown software and a USB cable to allow remote alerts and automated graceful shutdown of the connected systems. It offers simple controls for easy operation. This UPS includes 6 battery-backed outlets and 2 surge-only outlets. The Liebert PSA UPS is suited for desktop PCs, workstations, small routers, bridges and hubs, point-of-sale terminals and other sensitive electronics. It has a 2-year Vertiv no-hassle replacement UPS warranty.


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