We know you have so much to do with your resources.
So we designed two opportunities to get the gadget(s) you need in an easier way;

Layby helps you get your gadget within 90days at no interest.
Simply start contributing and complete the purchase price within 90 days and you pick up your gadget at no interest.
You can also terminate the purchase at any point within the 90days*


Pay Small Small
This gives you that gadget you need as soon as you need it and you pay up the balance in installments up to 12months afterward**




Requirements of Pay Small Small

1. Application Letter

2. Pro-Forma Invoice (In the Name and Address of the finance company or cooperative)

3. Source of Repayment (if from your salary, please furnish us with your last three (3) months pay slip and last six (6) months bank statement. If from any other source please specify).

4. Referral letter from employer/Employment Letter.

5. Minimum of 20% contribution

6.  Passport photograph

7. Completion of Know Your Customers Form (KYC)and a form of  identification i.e. international passport, national id card or drivers license and utility bill i.e. electricity or water bill

8. Post Dated Cheques or bank standing order for monthly remittance