“I was reluctant against buying the Bayzix Laptop Powerbank at first.

“I was reluctant against buying the Bayzix Laptop Powerbank at first.

My concern was whether it will be able to reduce the usage of generator, so it does and it changed my mind completely.

Knowing the environment we live in Lagos, I was so dependent on the generator, I never knew the Laptop Powerbank will be so useful, because I thought the generator will always be needed then I found out the need for powerbank because I (an architect) and my wife (an IT professional) work from home and most of my gadgets are rechargeable.

The various adaptors (Connectors) of the laptop Powerbank made it so easy, we just change the connector of the input cable and we are good to go (whether charging laptop, tablet or phones)

Then, Powersupply got better in my area just a little, so there was no real need to put on the generator except I need to power appliances like the fridge, but with the powerbank I can handle most of the gadgets for the better of day when there’s an outage, it stays as long as I need it, now, the generator works less, reduction of noise and fuel usage hereby saving cost.

With Bayzix Powerbank, if the powersupply is so erratic, we use the gen for a short while (it charges the powerbank) and the Powerbank continues to do its best by powering our gadgetss.

I found the need for bayzix powerbank constantly, because I can schedule some electronics usage (washing machine, refrigerator, TV, Pressing Iron) while powering and using my rechargeable gadget”-

Adesina Adesegun Architect and Music Minister

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