How to get Multipurpose Power Bank that works for various types of devices

How to get Multipurpose Power Bank that works for various types of devices

Most Smartphone Users have used a power bank at one point or the other to power their phone

Now there’s a new level to this, many gadgets can now be powered by a Powerbank.

Some of these devices include;

Wifi Routers (Microtik, TP Link, Ubiquiti Dlink, Huawei, ZTE, Linksys)

CCTV Cameras (Dahua, Hikvision,  CP Plus, AVTech)

Nanny Cameras (WyzeCam)

Decoder (DSTV, Startimes and so on)

Digital Camera (Nikon, Canon e.t.c)

Smart Phones and Tablets

Sony PSP and Nintendo Switch

POE Sensor

Biometric Attendance Register

Apple iPads and iPods


This Power Bank has the ability to output multiple voltages; 5v(USB) 9v, 12v, 15v and 24v (PoE)


The Power also has 3 types of output ports; 

USB output port, 

15 and 24v PoE output port 

9v and12v Pin output

LAN Ethernet Interface

9v and 12v Variable Voltage Selector 

15v and 24v Variable Voltage Selector


We currently use this Power Bank to power our  Microtik Router and Ubiquiti Outdoor Radio which provides us internet service from Tizeti at home and at work, enabling us to use internet for another 6hours at no extra cost such running generator.


It is used by a family to keep their Dstv Decoder and internet service from IPNX  running simultaneously, whilst others use it to secure their homes by powering their CCTV Cameras.


Now you can make your Zoom or Skype calls without interruption or watch your cctv anytime with no running cost.

You can get this device from us, with free delivery across Nigeria via by clicking here.

Watch how to install here

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