How to buy Original Microsoft Office in Nigeria

microsoft office nigeria

How to buy Original Microsoft Office in Nigeria

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Having to write about this in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, wasn’t exactly an easy one with the deep concerns for humanity. However, I heard yet another story of a not-too-tech savvy entrepreneur who got scammed by a peddler of fake Microsoft License keys.

Microsoft Office is the SI unit of productivity software for preparing, editing, sending, packaging and saving your documents. So having it work well means so much to a lot of people (professionals, students, parents…)

Nowadays, Microsoft encourages people to download the install file online therefore eliminating the need of CDs/DVDs. Then you either buy the keys from a recognized Partner or directly on their website- By the way, Microsoft allows you to either buy it on a one-off basis or annually (a.k.a Office 365).

In Nigeria, since the devaluation crisis began in 2015, users have increasingly found it hard to pay with their local cards directly on the website. The credible alternatives are;

  1. Approach a Microsoft Partner you know or got recommended to directly (Gadgetlot Limited is a registered Partner with Microsoft Partner ID- 5135067)
  2. Call or Visit the Microsoft Nigeria Office for recommendation-

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Either of both channels ensure that you have a direct interaction with a credible Nigerian entity, in case you need support in the future.

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